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Interview Tips For Techies

But before you apply for a new career opportunity, prepare yourself for the interview.

Rehearse your answers – As a techie, you are probably not inclined to conversing with people. As most of your time is spent in front of the PC, tablets and other gadgets, you are most likely socially awkward. This means you need additional training and motivation to talk to others, especially to authority figures and interviewers. Before you talk to your interviewer, you may need to rehearse for the big day with your friends.

Build confidence – You problem in socialising means your confidence level is low, especially in conversing with other people. As such, you need to prepare your face-to-face, video or phone interview by ample preparation. You can also beef up your confidence by using relaxation techniques such as visualisation and progressive muscle relaxation.

Update your CV, cover letter and portfolio – As a techie, you should use have been well-versed in designing, developing and other tech jobs. Create your own website that showcases your CV and portfolio if you still do not have one. If you already have your personal site, brush It up by updating it. You may want to write a blog that shows your mastery and authority on your skills.

Be keen on questions and comments – Perhaps the most irritating scenario for any interviewer is the inattentiveness of her interviewee. During the interview, make sure you give your full attention to your interviewer. Always check if you get the questions correctly and respond to them promptly. Your earlier rehearsals will be helpful in these situations.

Show off your skills – During face-to-face interviews, most likely you will be asked to solve some real-life problems using your skills. Make sure your algorithms or codes will run. After all, this is what you are expected to do in your recent tech jobs.

Make sure to thank your interviewer – Express your gratitude and appreciation for the time you spend with your interviewer. Do this verbally by saying thank you at the end of the interview and verbally by sending a thank you letter. This shows your professionalism and courtesy whatever the outcome of your interview.

With these tips, you’ll be armed to get your next career with confidence. Apply now for your next job by signing in. We have a long list of employers that are hiring qualified professionals.