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The changes and innovations in the global and local financial sector have prompted Australian companies to fill in vacancies in finance loan jobs and other careers. In 2017 careers in this sector are flourishing. In fact, in the latest Hays Quarterly report published by the professional recruiting firm, the following positions are among the most sought after by companies this year:

− Financial and commercial analysts
− Payrollers
− Professional practice accountants
− Paraplanners and financial planners
− Quantitative risk analysts/modellers

The openings for the positions above are just a small fraction of the many finance loan jobs that need to be filled. In an earlier survey by Robert Half, a majority of Australian employers are optimistic about the country’s economic growth and their respective business entities. This positive business climate leads to more juicier development prospects and drives employers to expand their enterprises. This optimism has also urged them to hire more qualified professionals specialising in finance loan jobs and careers in the fields of banking, finance and insurance.

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